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Climbing Instruction

Learn from the masters

The Classes - Basic Info

Learn from the masters.  The Front holds its place in the climbing industry for the birth of indoor competitive bouldering.  We select only the best, most experienced instructors to guide you through all aspects of bouldering.  From your timid first attempts to the most complex climbing techniques, The Front has the experience and knowledge to improve your climbing skills. 

Climbing instruction classes at The Front are an excellent choice for beginners as well as the more advanced individuals.  Known for its small classes and personalized attention, The Front is the perfect place to begin or expand your climbing experience.  Classes offer a non-competitive environment that is conducive to learning and expanding one's ability. 

Class attendance also includes full access to the aerobic and weight equipment.  Enjoy just climbing instruction classes, or include them in a full workout.  Either way, you'll find climbing instruction classes at The Front comfortable and inviting, yet challenging and informative.

The Basics for all classes

  • Please register no later than 1 week before the 1st day of class. Register in person or by calling us at 801-466-7625. Tuition is due at time of registration.
  • Please arrive at least 5 minutes before class is scheduled to begin.
  • Wear comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement. 
  • If you have climbing shoes, bring'em. If you don't, we'll provide them!

Bouldering 101

$35 for Members, $59 for non-members

Four, one hour sessions every Wednesday of the month

Climbing is more complex than most people can even imagine.  Take your first step into the depths of the climbing community with Bouldering 101. Our expert instructors will teach you technique, balance, jargon, and much more all while coaching you into comfort on the wall.  This 4 session class is the best thing possible for beginning climbers, classes start on the first Wednesday of every month.  Sign up today! Just call 801-466-ROCK or come in and visit us during our regular hours.
Invite your friends; this class is way better when you have someone to enjoy it with!

Top Rope Belay Certification

Private Lesson: $40 (call for group rates)

A single one hour session

For those just beginning to tie into a rope, or who are interested in taking that first step in roped climbing, we have the perfect class for you.  Top roping is the first baby step to a life of climbing.  Here at The Front, we want to be your stepping stone.  This one session, one hour class will teach you the fundamentals of belaying technique and form, allowing you to take your skills outdoors.  Come start your climbing career with the expert instructors at The Front.

Plan your session around your own schedule. Call Today! 801-466-ROCK

Rappelling: The Lowdown on Getting Down

Private Lesson: $40 (Call for group rates)

A single one hour session

Fact: Rappelling is the number one cause of death in climbers.  Fact: Lack of education and attention to detail is the number one reason why rappelling deaths occur.  Don’t be a statistic!! Come to The Front to learn the fundamentals of rappelling and all of the details that go along with it.  Going up is half the battle; you have to get down somehow! Our expert instructors will teach you to rappel and teach you how to do so as safely as possible.  Come down to the front and learn how to go down (no pun intended). Group rates are available call today!

Plan your session around your own schedule. 801-466-ROCK

Anchor Building Basics

Private Lesson: $40/hour (Call for group rates)

One, One hour session

Building anchors is one of the most complicated aspects of climbing safety.  We don’t mean steel anchors you find on ships or Popeye’s forearms, we mean UIAA recommended three point anchors with proper equalization, master points, and directional capabilities.  Sound confusing?  Let us help; come down to The Front and let our expert instructors teach you the ways of anchor building, creating a safer climbing experience for you, and your friends.  Sign up today! Just call 801-466-ROCK or come in and visit us during our regular hours. 

Invite your friends, and get reduced group rates! We can work around your schedule!




Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat
Morning Classes

Top Rope Basics

Every 2nd Friday

Sept. - Dec.

7-8 PM 

Day Classes
Evening Classes
    6-7p Bouldering 101      


Private Lessons

The most effective way to establish a climbing training program is tailoring it to your individual needs. Private lessons refine and inspire existing climbing practices by taking it to another level and helping students move beyond physical limitations.  Private instruction is available by appointment for $40/ hour.


Private Lessons, and Clinic Classes

The temperatures are dropping, and the time to climb is now.  The Front has expanded its Private Lessons and Clinic Classes to include a whole gamut of skills to have you crushing in no time.  Interested? Ask our friendly front desk staff for details, or call 801-466-ROCK.  Registration details will be available online soon.

Index of Classes
« Bouldering 101 - new to climbing, get started on the right foot (and left hand)
« Top Rope Belay - for the beginner
« Rappelling - get the low-down on coming down
« Anchor Building - learn to be safe before you hit the mountain


Our Staff

Our instructors love climbing and want to share their passion of the sport with you.

Whatever your level, our team can help you move to the next level; from first-timer to expert, The Front Climbing Club will make you a better climber.

Check out the staff and instructors »here.

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