Adaptive Climbing Day Recap

Adaptive Climbing Day Recap

  • Posted by kaleigh
  • On August 22, 2019
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Our very first Adaptive Climbing Day was a HUGE success! Thanks to Brenna King, Chris Call and the rest of The Front’s staff and volunteers, ACD was able to have a major impact on those who participated. 

Adaptive Climbing Day began as an idea for Brenna’s college capstone project. While working at The Front and speaking to a member, she realized that there are no adaptive climbing programs in all of Ogden, and anyone in that community must head to Salt Lake, “which is kind of crazy!” Brenna said. “I feel like adaptive climbing should be more accessible, so I saw the need for a program like this to take place.” 

David Farkas, The Front’s programming manager, and Chris Call, a personal trainer, helped Brenna make connections and set up the event, which took place on August 10, 2019. The event focused on those with neurological and physical disabilities, as well as upper- and lower-extremity amputees.  

The two main goals of ACD were to make climbing accessible for everyone and to help create a community of people who easily understood what one another is going through.  

“We had people who are members at Ogden show up, as well as some from Salt Lake. We even had a non-member come who had never climbed before,” Brenna said. “It was awesome to see throughout the day how supportive the adaptive climbing community is of one another, and how much everyone cheered each other on.”  

Volunteers and a small staff were available to belay and help out, but “the participants totally took over and helped each other out, instead. It was super cool,” Brenna said with a smile.  

In the future, Brenna is hoping that more adaptive climbing events will take place in Ogden, in tandem with Salt Lake events. Stay tuned for details and enjoy these images from our first ACD!