American Can Company Meets The Front YogaLoft

American Can Company Meets The Front YogaLoft

  • Posted by kaleigh
  • On January 26, 2018
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The Front YogaLoft: Your Breathing Room

The year was 1914. Charlie Chaplin hit the stage as the world’s new cinematic darling, Babe Ruth was in full swing, and World War I had commenced. Here, in little Ogden, Utah, the American Can Company had just been constructed and business was underway. Back in the day, if you needed your peas and corn canned, we were your people.

Fast forward an entire century and who would have guessed our building—our architectural beauty—would house The Front Climbing Club, Ogden’s largest climbing gym. We love what we’ve been and we love, love, LOVE what we are now! Nevermind the heating bill and the window washing, hundreds of panes of glass for exterior walls set this historic building apart as one of the most beautiful in downtown Ogden. Today, this veritable fish bowl is teaming with athletic striving, playful community building, and good times had by all.

Nestled into the upper level of our gym is the Front YogaLoft. This is your space to breathe and deepen your connection with yourself and this community. Our studio offers a cool, clean, eclectic vibe. The loft’s high ceilings, exposed rafters and skylights, simple, clean, ideology-free environment is welcoming for all.

Plan to come. Come to learn. Learn to play. Play to grow.
We look forward to seeing you!