The Connection Between Athletes, Breath, & Yoga

The Connection Between Athletes, Breath, & Yoga

  • Posted by kaleigh
  • On July 10, 2018
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Checking one’s self is the easiest way to prevent the wrecking of one’s self. And the best way to put one’s self in check: check in with the breath. Make sure it’s there. Now make sure you’re there, in the present moment.

That’s yoga. We bend, and stretch, and strain, and sweat. But, in the end, we return to the breath. The gentle sensation of the breath translates the condition of the body and mind.

Athletes need this information. When combined with meditation and Asanas, the breath provides insight into the athlete’s wellbeing. It highlights strengths and mortars weaknesses for those who are willing to listen. It helps prevent and recognize injury for those who are dedicated. It helps athletes find peace in moments of extreme pressure if their willing to train honestly and consistently. The breath is an omnipresent training partner and coach.

The best yoga practice for any athlete is a consistent one. Just like the breath, yoga is always there. It’s at the Front YogaLoft every day. Here’s the schedule (you can also view it on our yoga page):

If you’re new to yoga, pick a few classes that sound interesting, and commit to attending them a couple times. If you’re a seasoned yogi, help a new yogi find a home by sharing the class schedule.

When you’re tired, drained, beat, and there’s still another hold to go, or rep to press out, or vinyasa to flow through, check in with the breath. Make sure it’s there. Make sure you’re there.