Beginner Yoga Series

Beginner Yoga Series

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  • On February 10, 2018
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The Fear of Being a Beginner

Walking into your first yoga class can be an intimidating experience. Limiting beliefs such as not feeling flexible enough, coordinated enough, feeling too tall, too short, the practice is too hard, “I’m going to boil up and die in here!”—all of these things can keep you hightailing it away from yoga all day every day.

What a sad prospect!

A beginner’s mind is a beautiful thing and is full of myriad emotions—curiosity, eagerness, caution, excitement and trepidation. Sometimes that trepidation can feel like an adorable little euphemism for some straight up, unadulterated fear. But we have a secret to tell you… c’mon…lean in… even yogis who have been practicing for decades feel these same emotions in relation to their practice. Digging deep and learning to show up anyway, mat in tow, in the face of that emotional cocktail? Now that is a beautiful thing.

If the Yoga practice was stale and flat and we were never challenged then we probably wouldn’t keep coming back for more. The postural practice itself, which is just the tip of the Yoga iceberg, is so meticulously nuanced you could potentially work on a small handful of postures for your entire life and not fully arrive; however, arrival is not the point. Yoga is an endless path. The progression, the learning, and the JOY is in the journey. Human beings crave growth and development and there are many ways to get it. Yoga is just one way, and though we’re a little biased, we think it’s one of the best ways. Often (note: NOT ALWAYS! Use your wisdom!), fear is a compass pointing us in a direction to be explored. Pay attention to that. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Introducing Our Beginner Yoga Series

So, with aaaaall of that said, would you like to begin? Or deepen your current practice? We thought so! We are excited to be offering you a Beginner Yoga Series! (Cue the trumpets!) Perhaps you’ve been curious to look in, to press your face up against the glass and check out what this practice is all about. Now is your time!

During the course of this series we will be exploring alignment for over 25 postures, discussing some yoga philosophy (AKA the method behind the madness), relating this practice to athletes (climbers too, of course), and hopefully helping to instill in you a life-long love for Yoga.

This, friends, is just a beginning. Check out the deets below for the series:


« Early bird pricing: $149.00 (until Feb 21st)
« After Feb 21st: $169
« Cost includes a free month membership to The Front Climbing Gym: full access to climbing/yoga/exercise equipment during the course of the program. Learn more about membership perks here.
« If you’re already a monthly paying member, your membership fee will be waived for the month of the series. Win!


The following Saturdays from 1:00 pm-3:30 pm:
« February 24th
« March 3rd
« March 10th
« March 17th


« Front YogaLoft. Sign up at the front desk today!
« Charlotte Evans (That’s me! Speaking in 3rd person...) will be teaching this series. She completed a 200-hour YogaLife training here at the YogaLoft with Maggie Odette in 2014 and a 60-hour Personal Yoga Teaching/Business Mentorship with Scott Moore in 2016. She has been teaching at the Front YogaLoft since March of 2017. She loves to read and write, eat treats, go to bed in the 9s, play outside all day and sleep inside all night, and, of course, yoga her socks off whenever possible. (All of that is true… I said so ;).)