The Front's Membership Cancellation & Freeze Policy


« All membership cancellations and freezes take effect on the 10th of each month
« All membership cancellations and freezes require a 20-day notice and cancellations/freezes will be effective at the next billing cycle
« If you are responsible for multiple memberships, please include all members who are to be cancelled or frozen
« No refunds for payments which have not been cancelled/frozen on time


« The entire outstanding balance on your account must be paid prior to cancellation
« Cancellation of your membership will forfeit grandfathered or discounted membership rates, new memberships will be at current rates


« Memberships can be frozen for up to 3 months at a time, twice a year non-consecutively
« To un-freeze simply show up at one of our locations and your membership dues will be prorated from that day until the next billing date.
« All frozen memberships will be charged $12/month + tax and any applicable surcharges
« Frozen memberships cannot be cancelled, you must reactivate your membership for one month before cancelling
« If the primary member freezes their membership, the secondary member’s rate will increase to the primary member rate for the duration of the freeze
« While a membership is frozen, add on products for the frozen membership will not be billed
« Prepaid memberships cannot be frozen