Climbing Team INtroduction

Climbing is one of the fastest growing and most exciting youth sports in the world, and now that it is an Olympic event, the future for youth participation and development is brighter than ever. Climbing provides valuable and unique experiences for young athletes, teaching them to how to stay calm and focus their attention in demanding situations.

Climbing is also a community sport that thankfully lacks the cutthroat competitiveness of other sports. Even at national level events, competitors genuinely cheer for each other and hope that each athlete will do their very best. Locally, living along the Wasatch Front provides unique experiences for young climbers, as this area has some of the best climbing resources in the world and the Salt Lake City climbing community has done much to advance the sport.

Our coaching staff has been selected based on their skill as teachers and ability to work well with both groups and individuals. They put the emotional well-being and development of each athlete first, knowing that great performances come from confident, happy athletes who believe in themselves and their abilities. For all these reasons and more, The Front is the very best place for kids to come discover, learn about and fall in love with climbing.


The Front Ogden Climbing Team is divided into two tracks; a Recreational Team and a Competitive Team. The Competitive Team has two separate seasons, Fall (ABS Climbing Season) and Winter (SCS Climbing Season). The ABS is a faction of USA Climbing, the governing body over competitive climbing in the United States.

Recreational Team

The recreational team is for kids who have caught the climbing bug and want to make it a weekly activity. The recreation team is a fun way for climbers to develop their climbing skills and increase their climbing level.

The rec team develops technical skills such as those needed for roped climbing and also develops fundamental skills of climbing movement in a fun supportive environment. The team’s goal is for kids to develop skills and interest in the sport while enjoying the satisfaction that comes with developing as an athlete.

Pricing: $150/month + membership costs
Ages: 6 – 18 years old
For more information/details on how to join the rec team, please contact Chelsea at

Competitive Team

Our competitive climbing team is for youth that show real enthusiasm and aptitude for climbing. Team members compete at the local, national and international levels including the national and world championships. While competitions provide the context for the team, our goals are to foster athletic and emotional development for all team members, developing a strong community and to have fun in the process!

The comp team is a place where athletes deepen their appreciation and understanding of advanced climbing skills including technical skills such as on-sight and redpoint climbing, motor skills including the initiation and timing of climbing’s complex movements and emotional skills such as staying calm in demanding high-pressure situations.

The coaching staff makes use of cutting-edge tools such as video analysis on a daily basis to help team members be successful in these areas. The comp team also engages in sport specific training so that they are technically, emotionally and athletically ready for the unique challenges of climbing. We love helping these gifted athletes develop in these ways, and seeing them grow as people.

Pricing: $225/month + membership costs
Ages: 6 – 18 years old
For more information/details on how to join the comp team, please contact Chelsea at

Meet The Coaches

Andrew Thaller Comp Team Coach

I started climbing in 2013 after deciding to pursue a career in guiding. I took every course offered by Eastern Mountain Sports in New Paltz, NY. I soon joined a gym and grew around the climbing scene of New York City. I fell in love with climbing and threw myself into every aspect of the sport. I spent time competing and developing my craft as a traditional climber. I then left the big city to complete my Bachelor of Science in Physical Education with an emphasis in Outdoor Education at Idaho State University. Idaho offered me a central location to explore places like Grand Teton National Park, Moab, Yosemite and many secret spots hidden among our “Famous Potatoes.” Of my travels, Utah remains one of my favorite places to climb. I have been working in the climbing industry for six years and been grateful to climb in so many places across the country. I worked as a professional climbing guide in the New River Gorge, Seneca Rocks, WV and the Sawtooth Range in Idaho. Between guiding in the mountains, I worked at various climbing gyms as a routesetter and instructor. Through my experience I have always maintained a passion for teaching others about this amazing sport. Now based in Utah, I am excited to use my skill set to contribute to The Front’s coaching team.

Charlie Campos Rec Team Coach

My parents got my family into climbing when I was eleven, and I’ve been loving it ever since. Climbing to me is more than just a sport, it’s a lifestyle that has shaped who I am. Apart from teaching and facilitating climbing being a family tradition, I’ve had a lot of professional opportunities working as a guide and a teacher for BSA. I’ve lead and directed classes of many types since I was fourteen and have loved every minute of it. I am now really excited to be working for The Front Climbing Club, as it’s been a huge part of my learning and growth through the years, and I can’t wait to be sharing what I know with others.

David Robb Rec Team Coach

I was born and bred in the Wasatch Mountains and raised on a steady diet of hiking, mountain biking, skiing, fishing, trail running and, best of all, climbing. I enjoy all aspects of climbing from bouldering and sport climbing to big walls and ice. I am the author of the Ogden Area Climbing Guide and have over 25 years of climbing experience. I spent several years working in the outdoor industry where I organized gear demos, taught climbing classes and coached youth climbing teams before becoming a high school teacher. The best part of coaching the Rec Team at The Front is combining my two biggest passions: climbing and teaching.


Madison Ruggles Rec Team Coach

I grew up in sunny southern California and moved to Utah about 2 years ago. I have always loved the outdoors, hiking camping and spending as much time as I could on the beach and in the water. When I was introduced to climbing I knew it would become a huge part of my life so I am stoked to introduce the sport to the next generation of climbers and show them why climbing is so amazing!

Zach Scott Rec Team Coach

I have been fortunate to grow up in Utah and enjoy spending time outdoors. During high school I competed in cross country and track, but in my senior year I discovered climbing. Like most, it totally consumed my life, and still does! The feeling of movement high above the ground as well as challenging both my physical and mental limits to solve the crux moves fills the appetite of my soul. After 5 years of climbing, I discovered I love to teach others my passion for climbing. Teaching has allowed me to give back to a sport and a community that has provided me so much joy. I’d love to foster the joy climbing brings to each person, young or old, with my opportunity to coach at The Front.

Team Athletes in Action