The Front Climbing Club


« $35 per class
« Up to 4 classes per week

Group fitness is an integral part of The Front’s offerings. We are proud to be one of the only climbing gyms in the nation that includes group fitness classes with a regular gym membership, and we are in need of a few group fitness instructors!

It is very important to the success of our classes to have instructors who are passionate and excited, and perhaps above all, OWN their fitness class. Consistency and reliability are our top priority!

Our expectations for fitness instructors is as follows:
« Prepare an effective and unique 50-minute workout that includes a warm up and brief cool down. Workout should be suitable for ALL fitness levels – be prepared with adaptations when needed.
« Arrive at least 5 minutes before class to turn on lights, set up equipment and turn on music.
« Greet participants as they arrive with friendliness and enthusiasm. Learn names when possible.
« Sign participants into the class using our MindBody account
« Ask class if anyone has any injuries or limitations that you should know about, and keep these in mind as you instruct your class. You may need to make modifications.
« Lead workout with ENERGY. Your class may rely on you for their motivation, turn the energy up!
« Be aware of your music volume and content. It is hard to hear the instructor if the music is too loud, but it is a total buzz kill if the music is too quiet. Also, we don’t like extreme explicit language. Choose your music wisely.
« Make corrections to form when needed.
« End class ON TIME. Know how long your class is supposed to be and end on the minute. A lot of folks need to get to work after!
« Teach your class how to wipe down and put their equipment away (It is really easy to get them in the habit of doing it, and will save you time after class!)
« Thank your class for coming, grab the broom and do a dry mop. Make sure equipment looks nice and organized.
« Take care of the equipment like you own it, and notify our Front Desk Managers (more on that below) if equipment breaks or needs to be replaced.
« If there is not another class right after yours, turn off the lights. Leave the doors open to vent.
« Rarely require that your class be subbed, and NEVER ask for a sub within 24 hours of your class time unless it is a dire emergency. We do understand that occasionally, things come up! You may want to travel, or heaven forbid, you may experience a sick day. In any case, you are expected to secure your own coverage for your class, AT LEAST 48 hours in advance.

Must have current group fitness certification.

Interested? Email your resume to

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