From the Up for Air series with Breathe Utah & Utah Clean Energy

Utahn's Can't Breathe

We need your help in the fight for cleaner air. Each February, we partner with local endurance athlete Jared Campbell and non-profits Breathe Utah and Utah Clean Energy for the Up For Air Series. Climbing Up For Air (CUFA) and Running Up For Air (RUFA) are two endurance challenges held in Salt Lake City, Ogden and beyond. The events activate hundreds of athletes for 48 consecutive hours to raise funds for and awareness of a cause that affects us all: clean air.

In 2019, we collectively raised over $50,000 for Breathe Utah! And in 2020, the Up For Air Series raised $93,000 for Breathe Utah and Utah Clean Energy. Thank you so much to everyone who participated!

2020 Event Details

« Sign up and meet us at The Front on Feb. 23. If you’d like to compete for the full 8 hours, arrive at 9 a.m. If you’d like to compete for 4 hours, meet us at 9 a.m. or 1 p.m., depending on which session you sign up for. (If you need to do a Top Rope Orientation, please arrive 1 hour to 30 minutes before your start time so we can accommodate you.) We encourage you to ride your bike or carpool to the event!

« Climb as many routes as possible during your 8-hour or 4-hour session and tally the routes as you go. Want to see exactly how scoring will work? Preview the scorecard here! Please note: The auto-belays will be taken down for this event and replaced with top ropes. You also may not climb the same problem, route or anchor more than 3 times in a row.

« When you’re done climbing, enjoy a drink and dinner on us, watch the podium ceremony (including the RUFA athletes) and take part in the raffle.

« Be sure to enter your raffle tickets to win prizes! Participants get 1 (4-hour category) or 2 (8-hour category) tickets with registration. You may buy more for $2 each for a better chance to win.

« « Grand prizes will be awarded to those with the most points on their scorecard!

2020 Cost (Donation to Breathe Utah & Utah Clean Energy)*

4-hour participant
Members: $20 | Non-members: $25 | +5 after Feb. 16
8-hour participant
Members: $25 | Non-members: $30 | +5 after Feb. 16

*Signing up for CUFA includes a day pass to the gym. All participants receive 1 drink, dinner, a custom Up For Air Patagonia beanie and a raffle ticket with registration. (8-hour participants get 2 raffle tickets!)


Cash donations from CUFA and RUFA sponsors go directly to Breathe Utah & Utah Clean Energy.

Participants of CUFA see how many routes they can climb in a 4 or 8 hour period.​

Participants of RUFA see how many times they can ascend a peak in a 6, 12 or 24 hour period.

Breathe Utah works with policy makers in a collaborative manner and offers constructive, credible guidance. The people at Breathe help generate change by evaluating and advocating for reasonable, science-based, practical solutions that can be implemented by individuals, business practices, regulation and policy. Their organization educates future generations about the sources of air pollution and how they can protect themselves. By doing this they grow up able to make informed decisions in their behavior, purchases and voting.

Nearly 10,000 K-12 students have experienced Breathe Utah’s Air Aware program. Air Aware engages students and teachers in lessons, experiments, assemblies and discussions about air quality science and policy.

Science-tied air quality curriculum is being developed and brought to middle school science teachers so that classes throughout affected areas in Utah will have access to air quality literacy.

Breathe continues to inform the broader community through a variety of social media channels and published opinion columns. Their newsletters and social media offer Utah citizens access to up-to-date information on scientific studies, local and state policy efforts and other air quality news.

Staff and board members participate in over 100 stakeholder meetings annually, keeping Breathe Utah actively engaged in statewide, regional and local air quality decision-making processes.

Volunteers, staff, advisors and board contribute over 10,000 volunteer hours each year to Breathe Utah’s education outreach and policy efforts. Donations are heavily leveraged by in-kind work.

Read about Improving Air Quality Through Education.

Since 2001, Utah Clean Energy has led the transition to a new clean energy economy in Utah and the West with vision and expertise. Through advocacy, policy and public outreach we tackle today’s serious energy challenges with a toolbox of innovative solutions and workable strategies in four main areas:

Reducing Pollution by Preventing Energy Waste

The fastest and most affordable way to transition to a clean energy future is to reduce the amount of energy that is wasted

Making Renewable Energy Simple & Affordable

Tapping into Utah’s abundant, pollution-free, renewable energy resources means not having to choose between a healthy climate and a healthy economy. What’s not to love? Yet, certain barriers are standing in the way of creating more clean energy. Utah Clean Energy is in the business of busting barriers.

Improving Air Quality with EV’s:

Electric vehicles, or EVs, which require no gasoline and emit no pollution from their tailpipes, present a critical opportunity to improve air quality along the Wasatch Front, while at the same time reducing households’ fuel costs. 

Planning for a Clean Energy Future and Livable Planet:

Utah Clean Energy is here to ensure that the important choices of “how much” and “what kind” of energy resources we invest in today reflect the long-term best interests of Utah and provide a smarter approach to energy planning – to benefit of our economy, our families and our quality of life. 

Read more about each of these bullet points on Utah Clean Energy’s website.