Divisionals Training Camp

We will be offering our annual, intensive 4-day training camp to help prepare youth athletes for Divisional and National Climbing Championships. The camp will focus on specific competition style movement, mental preparation and maintaining proper form while training, all while learning skills to take with the athlete to the next level of competition. Different areas of focus will be made on different days of the camp, all leading to a moc onsight round on the final day.

This camp is designed and geared towards those planning to compete at the the Divisonal and National Competitions. Due to the high intensity and skill level required to participate in this camp it’s not advised for beginners and participants must have qualified for Divisionals.

The coaching staff includes Mike Bockino (USAC Level 5 setter and National Chief), John Larson (USAC National Team Head Coach), Sam Enright, Kelsey Hanson and Cheyenne Stirling.

Setters for the camp will include Mike Bockino (USAC Level 5 setter and National Chief), Josh Larson (USA National Team Head Coach, V14 climber and former World Cup competitor), Phil Symons (National Routesetter) and Merto Asuncion (Front Routesetter).

Schedule Breakdown

January 1 & 2 | 9am – 4 pm | Movement practice

Days 1 and 2 of the camp will focus on approaching specific, consistently encountered competition style movement on boulder problems. Athletes will be taken through specific movement patterns in a variety of different approaches including limited time, limited attempts and a combination of the two. Emphasizing learning the movement and then being able to execute that movement on a variety of different wall angles, hold types and scenarios will make up the bulk of the activities for days 1 and 2. Different setters, angles, mirrored movement patterns and video analysis will be used for learning and working together to get better at the specific competition boulders not always set in gyms.


This day is a non-climbing day to allow for proper rest. A portion of time will be spent on video review and analyzing movements of the athletes from the first two days and showing why/how some methods of doing a problem were successful, but others weren’t. The remainder of the day will be spent working with professionals who assist climbers with training that is done off the wall. Some of the additional activities will include sessions with a sport psychologist, physical therapists, climbing specific trainer and a competition rules quiz (just for fun, but that is important as well)!

Some of the guest speakers for these sessions will include Esther Smith (PT), Tyler Nelson (Strength and Conditioning), Nicole Detling (Sports Psychologist) and Carrie Cooper (PT).

January 4 | 9am – 4pm

A full 4 boulder onsight round of competition, divided by USAC age categories and set specifically for those categories. Athletes will be put through an official format, complete with isolation check in, 5, 10, 15 and 25 zone markers and judges. It’s a great wrap up to the camp – it gives the kids a simulation of Divisionals and allows them to practice things covered in the first three days of the camp. Participants will be able to climb on the problems after the comp is over.