Bouldering League

The 2018 Front Bouldering League will begin on May 1st and runs for 6 weeks. Gather your climbing crew and get ready to throw down for bragging rights, glory, and sweet sweet prizes!

Every Tuesday afternoon, 20 new boulder problems ranging from 100 points (easiest) to 2000 points (hardest) will be set and labeled for the league. Climbers will receive a bingo-style scorecard from the front desk and your team will have a full week to do as many of the problems as possible. Climb together with your team (or separately if you can’t make it) and turn in your scores by the following Tuesday morning! We’ll tally up your team’s score, which will be made up of each member’s top 3 scores. 

The Details

May 1st to June 12th
20 scored problems per week
1 full week to rack up points
$150 per team (made up of 4-5 people)
Raffle prizes, glory, pizza
The 1st place team will receive a $200 gift certificate to Red Rock Brewing and VIP passes to Di’namik on June 16th! (VIP passes include free food, drinks, and premium spectator viewing.)
Winning teams placing 1st through 3rd will be receive epic trophies and will be announced and recognized at the Di’namik Bouldering Championships

the Rules

Teams must be coed with 4-5 team members (at least 2 females per team)
Must have a team name
Scorecards must be picked up at the front desk each week
Scorecards must be turned into front desk by Tuesday at 8AM to be counted
Participants must record their own scores on an individual scorecard
Must have 2 signatures for each climb completed
Only the top 3 scores per participant will be used for weekly team scoring
Points can only be counted if the problem is climbed from start to finish without falling
Problems do not need to be flashed to count points
Problems range from 100 (easiest) to 2000 pounds (hardest)
Highest team score at the end of the season is the winner