Get To Know Your Space: Moonboard

Get To Know Your Space: Moonboard

  • Posted by Jackie Russell
  • On December 12, 2017
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One of the newest additions to The Front’s second floor training space is our very own Moonboard!
What is a Moonboard, you ask?

Going beyond a traditional systems board, the Moonboard is a flat-paneled training wall that's 8ft x 10ft and staged at 40 degrees. It has a standardized set of user-friendly holds consisting of crimps, pinches, slopers and pockets. All of these features make the Moonboard one of the most effective strength training tools for climbing.

The Moonboard uses a grid system for route finding that is set to be the same across every Moonboard in the world, so whether you’re here at The Front or across the pond in England where the Moonboard originated, you will have the very same experience.

The Moonboard community is vast and wide spreading, and each climber can share their climbs (or find new problems) with the Moonboard’s smartphone app.

At The Front we didn’t just stop at the basic Moonboard, we have the LED kit that syncs with your phone to light up your path to pulling hard, making it easier (and faster) than ever to get some serious training in.

So, who benefits from the Moonboard? Simply put: all climbers. But, if you are looking to improve body tension, finger strength, contact strength, precision and power this is definitely the training tool for you. All while being able to compare your progress against thousands of climbers worldwide, or just your friends here in the gym, via the app.

If you need help downloading or using the Moonboard app, just stop by the front desk! Our staff our more than happy to show you the ropes. Er, the board.

Happy training!