Group Fitness Classes

All group fitness classes are free for members, and guests are welcome with a day pass! Space is limited, so you must sign up for a class in advance! You may sign up here or on the MINDBODY app. 

Due to limited class sizes, there is a $5 charge for each no-show or late cancellation (less than 24 hours notice). If you have signed up for a class and you know you won’t be able to attend, please go to your MINDBODY app and cancel your registration at least 24 hours prior to the class time to avoid a charge and to give the spot to someone else. 

Hate when our fitness classes fill up two weeks in advance? We hear you. As of February 2020, we’ve narrowed our booking window to 5 days to ensure you have an opportunity to get into the classes you want, and that your life’s schedule doesn’t change too much between now and then!

Questions? Email us at!

Hold on to your hats, people, cause we’re introducing the first-ever Group Fitness Throwdown! Whoever attends the most group fitness classes from Feb. 1 – Feb. 29 will win $100 to our gear shop!! Just be sure to track your progress in the group fitness studio each time you attend a class.

Meet The Instructors

I love to move. I have been practicing ballet and modern dance since I was a kid. I have been in a number of East Coast dance companies but now I just dance recreationally at concerts and when I am at home and feeling the groove. For this reason, I love Barre technique and Pilates. I also love getting my heart rate up with explosive cardio moves. My classes are always a combination of these elements.

I hope to create an inclusive environment where people of all levels feel safe and challenged. The playlists are eclectic and I love to incorporate my dance training into classes when appropriate.

I am studying Radiology at Weber State so I have a foundational knowledgeable of body systems and physiology which inform my lesson plans.

Fitness isn’t just about changing the shape of your body. I hope to foster a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle by encouraging a strong social element into the classes. I hope that everyone leaves feeling stronger in all aspects of their life.

I was born and raised in Utah. My husband and I have four kids: 8, 6 and twins that are 2! The past six years we have lived in three other states and last summer we finally moved back to Utah and settled in Morgan. We love it up there and are so happy to be right by the mountains.

I love to hike, mountain bike, rock climb and workout in the early mornings. I love to switch up my workouts to keep things interesting, challenge my body and test its limits.

I’ve always loved movement, getting outside and exercise. Not only is it healthy but it’s a huge stress release for me. About three years ago I started doing Barre workouts. I love the low impact, high burn I get through barre, which is why I decided to get certified and start teaching this awesome workout!

Photo coming soon!

Born in Newport Beach, CA, Kristi’s always had an enthusiasm for a healthy and active lifestyle. From running the beaches, to dance and competition teams, to following her older brother around the gym, seeking ways to master the art of fitness. Her love for such a fit lifestyle continued with her as she had her 3 children, now 13, 17 and 20 years old.

Kristi’s passion continues to be a source of balance, peace and inner strength as she moved to Utah in late 2017. Her interests continue to develop with her love for the beautiful outdoors, hiking, kayaking, river tubing and all kinds of new adventures and exploring. Some of Kristi’s other hobbies include dance, music, reading and of course, fitness and nutrition.

Kristi has been a practicing certified personal trainer and certified group fitness instructor for over 9 years. Her over 7 years of TRX education and certifications resulted in the development and implementation of a very successful TRX program for one of the larger health clubs in Phoenix. Kristi is also a certified Schwinn cycle instructor and has extensive experience teaching TABATA, TRX, Cycle and a variety of muscle classes.

Kristi’s training style focuses on core, strength, speed and endurance, mobility and toning.

“Through all of my life’s ups and downs, my fitness has always been my outlet and source of grounding and inner peace. It’s a deep mind and body connection where the external transformation is only a benefit of internal wholeness.”

Leslie Nease and her husband, Rod, moved to the Ogden, UT area in October of 2018 from the Greenville, SC area. Since then, she has tried snow skiing for the first time (she struggles getting out of the wedge, but she won’t quit), she’s tried climbing, she has gone snowmobiling, hiked dozens of trails through the mountains and completely fallen in love with the Wasatch Mountains!

Her love for fitness has been a life-long passion. She was a cheerleader in Jr and Sr High and through college. She started instructing fitness classes in 1994 and has taught just about everything you can imagine since then! Her favorite classes to teach (currently) are Barre Boxing, Strength Classes, Barre Pilates, Kickboxing, Core, Stretch and basically anything that gives a full-body workout with great music, fun people and high energy!

Leslie loves adventure and was a contestant on SURVIVOR: China in 2007. She didn’t make it super far in the game, but what she took from it far surpassed the million dollar prize, so she has no regrets!

When she’s not teaching fitness classes, hanging out with her pups or out on the trails, Leslie also has a radio show on SOS Radio in Las Vegas on Sundays from 11-3 (PST). She’s been in Christian Radio since 2004 and loves the way it allows her to encourage people through the airwaves.

Leslie strongly believes if you want to succeed in a healthy lifestyle, you need 3 things: commitment, consistency and community. She hopes to bring those three values to The Front!

Leslie and her husband Rod have 4 children, and are now empty nesters. As a matter of fact, her adult children are each in a different time zone! She’s new to the area and would love to meet you in class sometime, as she has a passion to build community here at The Front Group Fitness Program!

Tricia brings her passion for teaching and exercise to every client and class. She believes that participants at every level should feel welcomed. Her mantra is “Fit and heathy is a journey, not a destination.” While teaching for the past 17, years she has been active in training for half marathons, cycling, skiing, mountain biking and trail running. She understands that discipline and dedication are essential to fitness, and nutrition plays a key role as well. She is her own case study in increased strength and physical transformation. Tricia and her husband are raising their four children in Mountain Green.