Online Fitness Classes

We are currently offering fitness classes online so you can stay active at home! You can join us by downloading Zoom. We are requiring participants to sign up for online classes through the RGPro Connect app or on our website below. After you register for a class, you’ll receive a confirmation email that contains the link and password for the class. 

EVERYONE is welcome to join these classes – you don’t have to be an active Front member!

The instructors of these classes are from our SLC location – if you’d like to learn more about them head to the bottom of our SLC Group Fitness webpag.

Class Descriptions

Calisthenics Abs
Equipment needed – Yoga mat (optional)
Short but intense ab workout that uses your own bodyweight to create resistance in order to strengthen you core.

Cardio & Core
Equipment needed – Yoga mat (optional)
Class description – Body weight movements designed to help get our hearts pumping and then finish off class with ab work.

Butts & Guts
Equipment needed – Yoga mat (optional)
Class description – Butts and Guts is a class that allows climbers and athletes to focus on their lower body and core. This class will vary from body weight training to fast paced high-intensity movements, focusing on building strength and muscle endurance.

HIIT & Mobility
Equipment needed – Dumbbells (or jugs, canned goods, water bottles, etc), a tennis ball and or foam roller and a towel or dog leash to use as strap
Class description – HITT workout finishing up with a good stretch and mobility work.

HIIT Body Weight
Equipment needed – Yoga mat (optional)
Class description: High intensity interval training using our own body weight. This class will offer more dynamic moves that get the heart rate up and calories burning.

HIIT with Weights
Equipment needed – Dumbbells (or jugs, canned goods, water bottles, etc) and sliders (towels or paper plates work as a substitute)
Class description: High intensity interval training. Be ready to work on strength with cardio.

Mat Pilates
Equipment needed – Yoga mat (optional)
Class description: Grab your mat for this low-impact class focused on strength training, flexibility and posture. You will get a total body workout that will help build, sculpt and tone your muscles while protecting your joints.

Strength & Conditioning Body Weight
Equipment needed – Yoga mat (optional)
Class description: Focusing on strength and power moves that allow us to build muscle just using our body weight.

Strength & Conditioning with Weights
Equipment needed – Dumbbells (or jugs, canned goods, water bottles, etc) and sliders (towels or paper plates work as a substitute)
Class description: Focus on strength and power moves that allow us to build muscle using weights.

Meet The Instructors

I love to move. I have been practicing ballet and modern dance since I was a kid. I have been in a number of East Coast dance companies but now I just dance recreationally at concerts and when I am at home and feeling the groove. For this reason, I love Barre technique and Pilates. I also love getting my heart rate up with explosive cardio moves. My classes are always a combination of these elements.

I hope to create an inclusive environment where people of all levels feel safe and challenged. The playlists are eclectic and I love to incorporate my dance training into classes when appropriate.

I am studying Radiology at Weber State so I have a foundational knowledgeable of body systems and physiology which inform my lesson plans.

Fitness isn’t just about changing the shape of your body. I hope to foster a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle by encouraging a strong social element into the classes. I hope that everyone leaves feeling stronger in all aspects of their life.

I was born and raised in Utah. My husband and I have four kids: 8, 6 and twins that are 2! The past six years we have lived in three other states and last summer we finally moved back to Utah and settled in Morgan. We love it up there and are so happy to be right by the mountains.

I love to hike, mountain bike, rock climb and workout in the early mornings. I love to switch up my workouts to keep things interesting, challenge my body and test its limits.

I’ve always loved movement, getting outside and exercise. Not only is it healthy but it’s a huge stress release for me. About three years ago I started doing Barre workouts. I love the low impact, high burn I get through barre, which is why I decided to get certified and start teaching this awesome workout!

Photo coming soon!

Born in Newport Beach, CA, Kristi’s always had an enthusiasm for a healthy and active lifestyle. From running the beaches, to dance and competition teams, to following her older brother around the gym, seeking ways to master the art of fitness. Her love for such a fit lifestyle continued with her as she had her 3 children, now 13, 17 and 20 years old.

Kristi’s passion continues to be a source of balance, peace and inner strength as she moved to Utah in late 2017. Her interests continue to develop with her love for the beautiful outdoors, hiking, kayaking, river tubing and all kinds of new adventures and exploring. Some of Kristi’s other hobbies include dance, music, reading and of course, fitness and nutrition.

Kristi has been a practicing certified personal trainer and certified group fitness instructor for over 9 years. Her over 7 years of TRX education and certifications resulted in the development and implementation of a very successful TRX program for one of the larger health clubs in Phoenix. Kristi is also a certified Schwinn cycle instructor and has extensive experience teaching TABATA, TRX, Cycle and a variety of muscle classes.

Kristi’s training style focuses on core, strength, speed and endurance, mobility and toning.

“Through all of my life’s ups and downs, my fitness has always been my outlet and source of grounding and inner peace. It’s a deep mind and body connection where the external transformation is only a benefit of internal wholeness.”

Hey, I’m Sara Jackson! To me, mind and body wellness is as essential as breathing. I strive to be passionate about everything I do, and my first love has always been fitness. I was raised on a small farm in Northern Utah where I first learned to love running on the dirt roads with my dad coaching me. My love for fitness just grew from there. I have always been adventurous, which has landed me a lot of physical therapy and recovery. As a result of these experiences, and an incredible opportunity to move to Oregon to work with people struggling with both their physical and mental health, I decided that this is what I wanted my life pursuit to be. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise & Sports Science, with the hope of helping people improve their health, both mind and body.

I’ve been in the fitness industry for about 5 years, working in physical therapy and sports medicine clinics, a neurotrauma specialty physical therapy clinic, as well as doing personal and small group training.

My favorite workout space has always been our beautiful outdoors on the Wasatch Front. I am always up for any outdoor adventure in any season. I am an avid yogi, triathlete and hiker. I have a wonderful husband and German Shepherd as my partners in backpacking expeditions. My recent fitness endeavors have allowed me to do some traveling, which I could consider my other passion in life. I feel extraordinarily blessed to be able to do both.

I am certified as a Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and am going to Thailand this year to complete my yoga teacher training. I’ve found great joy in fitness, and hope to help others find their joy as well.

Tricia brings her passion for teaching and exercise to every client and class. She believes that participants at every level should feel welcomed. Her mantra is “Fit and heathy is a journey, not a destination.” While teaching for the past 17, years she has been active in training for half marathons, cycling, skiing, mountain biking and trail running. She understands that discipline and dedication are essential to fitness, and nutrition plays a key role as well. She is her own case study in increased strength and physical transformation. Tricia and her husband are raising their four children in Mountain Green.