In September 2020, The Front and its members provided


in support of local nonprofits

To date, the Impact Coalition has provided

OVER $90,780

to local nonprofits!

How it works

Every Front member now has the ability to partner with The Front and add a small monthly donation (primarily $1/month donations) on top of their gym membership dues. Members pick their favorite nonprofit to support and...

we match their donations up to $40,000 every year

How it Started

The Front has thrown fundraiser events for nonprofits such as the Climbing Up For Air endurance competition and the annual Ogden Shindig and we’re beyond excited to continue to partner with local organizations for events such as these. However, we also want to provide more consistent support for nonprofits that are working to make positive impacts in our community. So, in May 2018, we sat down with our team and chose 4 different causes that are close to our hearts

Climbing/Environmental Advocacy

clean energy

animal rescue

Crisis Prevention & Resources

We then carefully selected 4 nonprofits that are dedicated to working on those issues and launched our new Impact Coalition campaign! Now, every Front member has the option to donate $1 or more each month to one of the following organizations: Utah Clean Energy, SLCA, CAWS and YCC Family Crisis Center. (Learn more about the nonprofits below.) Members can sign up to donate at the front desk or by filling out the form below. But the good news doesn’t stop there, at the end of every year, The Front will match the donations up to $40,000!

Meet the Nonprofits

Climbing & Environmental Advocacy

The SLCA exists to provide a unified voice for climbers in the Wasatch and surrounding regions through advocacy, stewardship, community and education.

Animal Rescue

CAWS is Utah’s oldest animal rescue group whose mission is working with the community to help animals through rescue, foster, education and adoption programs.

Clean Energy

Utah Clean Energy is at the forefront of stopping energy waste, creating clean energy and building a smart energy future for our community.

Crisis Prevention & Resources

YCC Family Crisis Center is to “save and change lives” by working to prevent and alleviate domestic violence, sexual assault and homelessness by providing safety, services and resources.

How to become

A Partner

Join Impact Co with a $1/month donation

Small Donations. Huge impact.

If you’re an existing member and you’d like to join us on The Front Line and make a difference in our community, you can stop by the front desk and add a donation amount to your monthly membership fees. Or, you can fill out the form below and our membership manager will confirm your contact info and amount and then set up the donation for you! If you’re a guest thinking about becoming a member, just let the front desk staff know you’d like to make a monthly donation when you sign up for a membership!