Membership Rates


Monthly Dues*

Individual: $75


Family4$109 + $19/person

*Initiation fees apply: Individuals $59, Couples $69, Students/Military $29


Paid in Full*

Individual: $119


Family4$159 + $15/person

*No initiation fee required, however pre-paid members do not receive some of the auto pay member perks such as a free monthly buddy pass, 10% back on gear shop purchases, a free top-rope class, and free belay certifications.

Membership Perks

Unlimited Yoga Classes

Small classes and personal attention is how we do things. We have classes for everyone, from the beginner to the advanced yogi. learn more >>

Monthly Buddy Pass

As a member, you receive a free buddy pass on the 1st of each month. They don’t accrue, so be sure to use them!

Cardio Machines at The Front Ogden

Weights & Cardio

A full gym is available at no additional cost! Weights, kettle bells, squat racks, cardio machines, and more.

Free Top-Rope Class

Want to take the first step in learning how to rope climb? We’ll teach you how to top rope belay for free! It’s $39 for nonmembers. sign up here >>

10% Back On Gear Shop Purchases

If you spend more than $15 at our Gear Shop, you’ll receive a 10% credit on every purchase towards your membership fees. check out some of the brands we carry >>

Training Area at The Front Ogden

Training Area

Climbing-specific training area with Moon, campus, systems, and hang boards.

Free Belay Certifications 

In order to belay at our gym (and every other gym), you have to be certified. Already know how to top rope and/or lead belay? We’ll get you certified for free!

Community & Events 

The Front is a place for more than training and fitness, it’s a place for community! It’s quite easy to make friends here. Come hang out longer-term, we’d love to have you!

Auto Belays 

Did your climbing partner bail on you? Don’t feel like bouldering today? We’ve got multiple auto belays in the top-rope area for you to use!

The Fine Print

1 – Student/Military rates include a discounted initiation fee. Valid, current school/military ID required.
2 – To cancel an EFT (electronic funds transfer) membership, you must fill out the membership change form 20 days prior to your requested last bill date. EFT memberships are also known as monthly auto pay memberships.
3 – Must be a romantic couple, siblings, or parent and child.
4 – $15 per person added on to couples price, must be parents plus children. No cousins, friend, or “uncles-twice-removed from my great-grandfather’s half-brother,” etc.
5 – Monthly EFT (aka monthly auto pay) memberships require a minimum 1-month contract.
6 – Membership may be frozen in case of injury or temporary work relocation. $8+tax monthly fee applies to membership freezes.
7 – EFT memberships are managed by a third party billing service.
8 – Tax not included.

Memberships can be frozen for up to 3 months at a time, twice a year non-consecutively. Freeze dues are $8/month + tax. Learn more on the change membership page.

Unless otherwise noted, the initiation fee applies to all new auto pay members or members whose account has been expired for over 30 days.