New BD & Butora Climbing Shoes Are Here

New BD & Butora Climbing Shoes Are Here

  • Posted by kaleigh
  • On December 5, 2017
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The Front's got a whole new slew of climbing shoes! Butora's unique hemp construction and Black Diamond's woven fabric break the mold in the climbing shoe world. Drop by our gear shop for a test drive!


Butora Altura
Welcome Altura! Finally, a worthy challenger to the unanswered TC Pro, and coming in at a fraction of the price. Constructed as a mid-top, this trad master will surprise all who wear it. Wide lasted, yet low volume this shoe can fit its way in .75 ring lock terrain, keep your ankle bones unscathed in deep wide cracks, and slab its way up any slippery route in Little Cottonwood. With a cushioned tongue and hemp lined leather you’ve never worn a shoe of its equal.
Retail: $155

Butora Acro
The Acro is an aggressively downturned shoe built for hard sends on steep terrain. It's a seamless combo of leather and soft synthetic to give the climber a natural feel and allows for top performance and longevity of the shoe. Unique to this shoe is the tension in the heel rand which forces all the power to the front of your foot. Designed as a slipper with the security of any performance Velcro shoe, the Acro defies gravity on your hardest projects.
Retail: $154

Butora Endeavor
Are you looking for comfort and performance? The Endeavor is the end all. A shoe with enough power and precision to climb well, yet built to follow the natural lines of your foot for maximum comfort. The Endeavor, also a leather build, uses an organic hemp fabric to line the leather to help the shoe stretch naturally to your foot without ever getting baggy on your foot. Everyone has a unique foot so we carry both the high volume and low volume design of this shoe to maximize versatility among climbers feet.
Retail: $98

Butora Brava
The Brava is new kid on the block. A real child's climbing shoe finally has arrived! The Brava is unlike anything you’ve seen before and is built for the natural climber that kids are. The Brava is as comfortable as a bedroom slipper but can climb up to any youngsters’ standards. Its wide-open Velcro design is easy on easy off for any wiggly youth and has an adjustable heel design for added room during the growing season!
Retail: $45


Black Diamond Momentum (Men's & Women's)
Momentum shoe early release at The Front! Want something new in the shoe world? BD wanted to do something different, and in doing so brought forth the first knit climbing shoe to the market. The design makes this shoe breathe far better than any leather or synthetic material yet and keeps to its guns as a comfortable shoe for any climber. If you’re looking for all day comfort at the gym or crag, the Momentum is the shoe for you.
Retail: $89.95

Black Diamond Momentum Kids
Built for the future climbers in our world, this kids shoe uses the same knit build as its parent shoe. The Momentum gives kids the first real comfortable climbing shoe that sends them climbing past their parents! It's the perfect shoe for that youngster who has left his sand box for the nearby tree and a great Christmas gift for any climber family!
Retail: $59.95