Ogden Boulder Field | Trip Report

Ogden Boulder Field | Trip Report

  • Posted by Marcus MacDonald
  • On August 8, 2018
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Ogden is bustling with close to 90K residents and growing quickly. Not all the residents are climbers, but that’s likely because they haven’t been to our gym yet ;)!

We all remember that one good climbing session that got us hooked, whether it was in a gym or on real rock. Here at The Front we live for indoor climbing…or you could say indoor climbing is how we make a living. The fact is: we love it, and without it how could we pay for Boris’ dog food? We all know he won’t go on a diet. However, the heart and soul of our sport is in the great outdoors. So, we always look forward to rounding up Front staff and members to head to a local crag!

A few weeks ago, we did just that and headed to St Joe’s Boulder Field. It’s a short, 5-minute drive from The Front Ogden. With over 150 established boulder problems and counting due to ongoing development from dedicated locals and Ogden transplants, the area has plenty of room to find a project to throw yourself at. Get ready for beautiful quartzite boulders waiting to be slapped, crimped, pinched, grabbed, touched, brushed, pulled on, and yelled at.

Per usual, our boulder session journey starts at the gym with a text that says, “Bouldering Field?”. We lucked out with a few, “Meet cha at the gym? Sure Thing!” One thing leads to another and the word is out – it’s time to climb! St. Joe’s has short approaches to both the Upper and Lower Fields, which makes it perfect for quick sessions after work.

Every grade can be found here, plus there’s good landings and comfortable top outs. But, one of the best things about the St. Joe’s Boulder Field is the people. Locals have been climbing and developing in this area for years, and with a fast-growing sport, you will usually run into old school and new school climbers sharing a crash pad. To top it all off (pun intended) the view from the top outs in the Upper Boulder Field are incredible and a perfect place to watch the sunset.

The vibe at this local honey hole is always inclusive and upbeat. With the network of trails in and around the Boulder Field, don’t be shocked to receive waves and hellos from other outdoor enthusiast using the trails, like bikers, hikers, runners and dogs. Lots of dogs. This evening was no different. I have been climbing in Ogden for over 25 years and the short hike to the boulder field to hang with old and new friends never gets old.

We had a mixed group of people during this trip – old school climbers, gym staff, local hard asses, gym rats, and new climbers. It was Gwen’s first time climbing outside (way to go, girl). Climbing outside is scary and it takes some time to fill comfortable topping out. Watching Gwen try over and over and top out for the first time was inspiring for all of us. 

We’re big fans of the social vibe of the area. It’s never too serious and everyone is always down to to have a good time. This day, like many other days, consisted of friendly competition and trash talking and ended with beer and pizza from Slackwater.