For your own safety. Climbing relies on expert knowledge of technical skills. Every year there are serious climbing injuries and deaths in Utah due to technical errors, these incidences often involve new and intermediate climbers who don’t have the necessary skills to handle essential tasks of climbing ropework and communication.

We offer several classes designed to teach the correct procedures for the most common, and potentially dangerous, tasks of indoor and outdoor climbing. Taking a class at The Front will empower you with technical skills and knowledge to operate correctly and make good decisions.

To have more fun! One of the reasons that climbing is so fun and challenging is that climbers need to use their bodies in a variety of unusual ways: Turning, flagging, dynos, back steps and others are necessary movement skills. Learning these skills on one’s own is a slow and lengthy process, taking a class is a great way to make quick leaps in your knowledge and skills.

The Front is dedicated to providing the best learning experience possible, to making learning new skills fun, to deepening each climber’s understanding and appreciation of climbing. We are also dedicated to making our instruction the best it can be. We add new teaching methods and tools such as the use of video analysis as often as we can. Teaching and learning at The Front are dynamic, responsive, and engaged.