Thanks, Ember!

Thanks, Ember!

  • Posted by kaleigh
  • On January 16, 2020
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This past Saturday our gyms closed early so our Front, Rumsy’s and Vertical Solutions kinship could celebrate an AMAZING year. So, in true Wild West fashion, we pulled on our nicest nickers, strapped on our spurs and rallied our herd on over to Ember, Salt Lake City’s beautiful bohemian event space, for a downed-right hoe-down!

Ember’s beautiful space gave us room for a mechanical bull, karaoke and the ability to enjoy delicious spirits from Beehive Distilling and Uinta Brewing! And dadgumit! We can’t forget to tell you about being serenaded by angels (and a few tone-deaf devils), bellowing the real cowboy classics like Dolly Parton and John Denver, and wouldn’t you know it, our Rumsy’s staff member Brittney might just need to ride on to Nashville to start her music career! (Like, for real).

After a night of dancing, the classiest lady in town told us to skedaddle, but not before we had a chance to prattle about the unparalleled event space that is Ember, her home on the range (she didn’t actually say that, but we are going with a twang thing here).

We give our fine Ember shindig five shiny sheriff’s badges, so be sure to check it out for your next jamboree!

The Front Climbing Club: Why start Ember?

Casey: My first business partner, Remi, was actually bouldering with me at The Front and we started talking about a lack of resources that brings the events industry together in Salt Lake. Remy’s background is in SEO and web development, and mine in events and production planning, so we decided to start a website that would be an events resource.

Then came Ember! When we started the website – Utah Venue Market – our offices were in a shared workspace above what is now Ember. It was a retail store, but they moved out. We thought it would make for an aesthetic venue space.

Why do you enjoy hosting events?

In my past previous job, I was finding spaces for production shoots. While doing so I became interested in the ways that experiences are created based on the environments we’re in. Being able to witness someone’s vision when they walk into a space is so interesting to me. And I love watching people create memories and fill a mostly empty space with personal and meaningful touches that allows them to have the moment or day ingrained in their memory.

Describe Ember’s style.

We love having a versatile space. We’re confident we can accommodate most events; being accessible to all types of businesses and groups is important to us. We host big businesses, but also sponsor events for places like The Front, as well as nonprofits, because we believe in and love what they stand for. It’s important to us that we lift up and support the community that supports us, because we would be nowhere without them.

What other event types does Ember host?

From galleries, workshops, corporate holiday events and meetings to baby showers and weddings … we’ll host pretty much anything!

What are some things people keep in mind when planning to throw a party here?

We have an a la carte menu, so guests can simply rent the space with no extra help and can bring in their own vendors.

But people usually underestimate how much help they’ll need. Having extra help can alleviate stress before, during and after the event, especially in weddings and other monumental events where people should be soaking in the importance of the day,

We have a list of experts accessible for clients through our own event coordination. They’re all familiar with the space and how events usually run, so taking advantage of that knowledge can be game changing when it comes to planning a successful event.

Also, a lot of venues are big, open boxes. When clients walk into a space like that it’s hard to imagine what their event could look like because it’s so empty and intimidating. We have a lot of little nooks and ways to break up a space that lend a hand to an event’s flow. And we have a back room called Spark that allows us to host scalable events for smaller meetings or budgets!

What is the most memorable celebration that Ember has seen?

Last year we hosted a big event for Domopalooza executives. They turned the whole space into Little Tokyo! They brought in Tosh from Tosh’s Ramen and even had Grand Master Flash as a guest DJ. It really sticks out because that was the most our space has ever been transformed.


Thanks again to Casey and the rest of her team! Our night wouldn’t have been the same without her generous support and proof that Ember is truly one of the hottest event spaces around – especially if your party includes a mechanical bull!