All About Vinyasa

All About Vinyasa

  • Posted by kaleigh
  • On May 1, 2018
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Vinyasa. Oh, how we love you! You’re fun to say out loud (go ahead… rhymes with Mufasa) and you’re fun to do. And… sometimes you’re challenging… sometimes you’re hot and sweaty and REALLY challenging… sometimes you make our brains work: sequencing, adding postures in, taking postures out, finding your rhythm, moving intuitively… And, sometimes (here at The Front YogaLoft at least) you may wonder, “is this even a real posture?” Ha! Well, it is now! We don’t shy away from creativity ‘round here.

The officially unofficial definition of “vinyasa” on the interwebs reads: “Vinyasa – arranging something in a special way.” In terms of yoga, it’s a sequence of postures connected together through smooth transitions, and, as always, lots of breath. With this definition, we see loads of room to mix up how we serve this practice to you.

In case you’re new to The Front YogaLoft, here’s our vinyasa line-up:

Vinyasa: The Front YogaLoft’s signature style vinyasa. An energetic, flowing fusion of breath and movement. Poses are combined in creative sequences designed to generate internal heat, and burn away our mental and physical excesses like tension, anxiety, stress, and attachment. Anything and everything goes in this one.

Hot Lunch: Though you won’t find sandwiches and juice boxes, you will find a little food for the soul. Hot Lunch is a condensed vinyasa flow; it all gets done in 45 minutes, and yes, there are showers available.

Kick Your Asana: A vinyasa flow with added intensity. It’s a little faster, a little longer, a little louder. Be prepared to have fun and work hard as these flows are really creative, challenging, and the room is toasty warm.

Breath and Body Flow: Take a deep dive into the intricate connection between breath, movement, and awareness. No music, no expectations, just you, your practice and the movement of your breath.

Slow Flow: A slower, quieter vinyasa flow with increased awareness on subtle sensations and body movement.

The best way to know if one of these classes is right for you is to come and try… feel it out… breathe and move… We hope to see you soon! View the whole yoga schedule here.