YogaLife Teacher Training

Inside every teacher, there is a student; inside every student, there is a teacher.

Become the teacher you are. Whether your goal is to explore your own practice on a deeper level or to become a certified yoga teacher, our training helps lay the stones to pave your path. Asana practice, pranayama, meditation and yoga philosophy will combine with practice teaching and hands-on adjustments to bring a greater understanding of what is happening in both the body and the mind when we practice yoga.

Taught by Charlotte Evans at Front YogaLoft, this program typically includes a weekend meditation retreat, a curriculum that exceeds the Yoga Alliance standards and unlimited classes at Front YogaLoft for the duration of the training. Students who complete the program successfully will be eligible to apply to register with Yoga Alliance (we’re a Registered YA Yoga School at the 200-hour level). 

Topics of study include the Ashtanga Vinyasa practice and philosophy, the history of yoga, the bandhas (physical energy locks), pranayama (breathing techniques), principles of alignment, anatomy for yoga, teaching methodology and the Sanskrit names of postures. As Ashtanga provides the foundation upon which most flow yoga classes are built, we’ll also explore asana sequencing for Vinyasa and other flow classes as well as yin. This training program will prepare you to meet whatever comes your way, inside or outside the yoga room, with grace and certainty.

Our Winter/Spring 2021 Yogalife Training has been cancelled. If you have any questions or you’d like to stay tuned about upcoming YTTs, please email The Front YogaLoft’s Director, Charlotte Evans at


I knew when signing up for YogaLife Teacher Training that there was no way I would walk away without bettering my life in some way. If I had only known that I would truly have my life changed for the better, I would have had zero hesitation signing up. What an incredible journey in every way! Not only did I learn the necessary tools to feel confident leading a yoga class, but I learned how to live a successful and meaningful life. Learning about yoga philosophy and the spiritual side that goes along with an asana practice is what I will carry with me from this point forward. This training allowed me to develop a regular yoga practice I had always wanted to cultivate. I learned how to continue on my journey to self love, while also loving and respecting all beings. Alli and all the guest instructors were incredibly talented and knowledgeable, while also creating such a safe and welcoming environment. YogaLife Teacher Training is something I would do over and over again and would highly recommend to anyone!
- Maddie Sanders
I so enjoyed the educational experience of YogaLife Teacher Training! Allison was very knowledgeable and exceptional at demonstrating. She was always aware of the students needs and made the experience a positive one. The environment of the class was exceptional. I would take another yoga training from her anytime!
- Tamera Brinton
In the midst of turmoil and unhappiness yoga found me. My journey began with YouTube videos for an entire year until I took the plunge and signed up for the 200-hr YogaLife Teacher Training to better my practice. I was terrified and yet so incredibly excited and I had no idea how much it would impact my life. Those 200 hours I will treasure for lifetimes. The relationships made, the spirit and energy I felts and the things I learned have changed my life and started me onto the path I am now. Yoga has brought the most amazing people into my life that I would not have met otherwise. It has brought me to teach in multiple studios in both southern and northern Utah, travel to Bali to study with Prem Carlisle, and lead me to become a part of the Southern Utah Yoga and Spirit and Yoga Festival. The more I give to yoga the more it gives back to me. I am eternally grateful to YogaLife Teacher Training for starting me on that path.
- Camille Zolman
Oh boy... YogaLife Teacher Training was, to me, a born-again Sonya festival. In my process of learning yoga philosophy and becoming committed to a regular yoga practice I found excitement in aiming beyond my limitations that my not-always-friendly monkey mind creates. My awareness expanded both physically and emotionally and I noticed that I was no longer trying to fix my seemingly broken self, but learn from my experiences as pretty little life lessons. So now, here I am, being my own teacher through this ongoing festival. I guide asana classes too, and have ever since completion of YogaLife. That’s the cherry on top!
- Sonya Evans