Yoga Therapy & Ashtanga Yoga

Yoga Therapy & Ashtanga Yoga

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  • On March 6, 2018
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Well, it’s 2018 and if you haven’t noticed, it’s a little intense out therelike, everywhere. And we could all probably use a little therapy. Don’t be offended. We’re in this together. The pace of living life today demands that we pay a little more attention to our TLC program: more naps, more water, more fruits and vegetables, more bubble baths, more slowing downway down. To add to that happy program, we here at the Front YogaLoft believe everyone could use a little more yoga (but we’re partial…).

Back to the therapy reference…

Yoga chikitsa is the Sanskrit name for “yoga therapy,” which is also known as the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga. Did you know that we offer this class at our studio? Well, we do! We serve up the short form of Ashtanga; a condensed primary series. We warm up, we do standing postures, seated postures and a little bit of upside-down. Every Monday and Friday evening from 5:45 pm - 7:00 pm we offer therapy for your body and mind. What a deal! And lucky for all of us!

Ashtanga is a physically strong practice that is intentionally sequenced to strengthen and heal your body from head to toewhen practiced correctly. To help you practice correctly, we have two lovely, experienced, bad-A (edited for the children) instructors guiding you; Alli on Mondays and Holly on Fridays.

This practice is not only therapeutic for your body but for your mind as well. Ashtanga is a practice in focused awareness. We move slowly with the breath bringing sweet awareness to all the tiny sensations and subtleties within the body. This awareness of breath and body focuses and quiets the mind. This is the true practice of yogaawareness.

We could regale you with long-winded tales of the origins of this practice, but we’re not sure that THAT information is what will entice you to come try. But for those who must know, and because we went to the trouble to look it up, read on. 🙂

The exact origins of the Ashtanga Yoga we practice today are a bit fuzzy. Here’s our best and briefest sum up:

*We’re taking a field trip to India…*

Ashtanga was popularized here in the west when Americans slowly started to catch onto this amazing yoga thing and traveled to Mysore, India to study with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois (b.1915 – d. 2009). He was taught from his teacher, Krishnamacharya, who supposedly learned it from the Yoga Kurunta, which was a text given to him from Yogeshwara Ramamohana Brahmachari (are you still following?); however, we can’t fact check that part because the whole kit n’ caboodle text was devoured by a pack of wild ants who were jonesin’ for a snack. No kidding. And we understandwhen you need a snack, you need a snack. (Thank you, Wikipedia for helping us through that historical download.)

Basically, what we are trying to say is that you should come try out this class.

Ashtanga Yoga wants your body. Isn’t that nice? 😉